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Private Cardiology

Improving your heart health

Dr Alamgir Kabir


Consultant Cardiologist

GMC No 4308173

email:[email protected]

Telephone 07518 082 240 outside the UK 00447518 082 240

Cardiac Screening

Some people are at higher risk of developing heart disease. We offer a range of services to help assess people who for whatever reason, may be at increased risk of heart disease.

Cardiac screening can involve assessing the risks for developing coronary artery disease. This can involve a consultation and assessment of risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and body mass index. If there are symptoms that could indicate coronary artery this can be further investigated.

Some younger patients may be at risk of heart rhythm irregularities that may need investigation and risk stratification. This may include tests such as an ECG, 24 hour ECG tape, an echocardiogram and possibly and exercise treadmill test.

Some patients may have a family history of cardiac disease such as cardiomyopathy. Relatives may need screening with an ECG and echocardiogram.